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1987 ECU capacitor failure issue/findings

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HI everyone, So while clean up my 1987 Turbo ECU my dog knocked my ECU off the bench and damaged what i believe is a capacitor. All i can read on it is "006 cf". I have looked absolutely everywhere to find one but i can not, i even tried JECS Nissan ECU manufacturer info and couldn't find anything either, only that of the image from a 1987 ECU i found online which shows that same capacitor but with the markings "006 hf" I'm pretty sure the pic is of a turbo ecu but cant be sure.

I do have a NA 1986 ecu that i check and that one has a Marking "006 lf" I also tried looking at diagrams to see what voltages and such should be going to it but again cant come up with anything.

So what i was wondering is do you guys think im alright to just steal the "006 lf" Off my NA 1986 ecu and use it on my turbo ECU? I'm just worried since they are different for a reason. Im kind of out of options i really dont want to buy a new ecu "found 2 turbo ecus for around 350$ tad high for me" but this car is my daily driver and i need to figure this out as soon as i can.

Thankyou for the help everyone or taking a look I greatly appreciate it.
Images below

mine messed_20190307_112029.jpg



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