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240z fuel sender in 280z

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Hi, i had a hard time finding a replacement 280z fuel sender for my 77' so i finally bought a 240z one since a nissan dealer got them in stock and they are supposedly interchangeable. Now my question is, how should i position it in my 280z tank? With the float working side to side OR front to rear?


Thanks in advance!



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Actually, IIRC, the 240 and 280 sending units are quite different....the internal arms and floats are different size and shape.  Not saying you couldn't modify one to make it work. 


The internal baffling on the two tanks is also different as I recall, so make sure there are no internal interference issues with the different sending unit.

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It was back in December 2018 that I have mine repaired, but I believe it was around 150$. The coiled wires around circuit board on mine were damaged. He wasn't able to fix the fuel light at the time because he didn't have the correct Thermistor information. All he was able to get was the ford unit as described below, but ford's operate on a much lower voltage so they overheat and burn up in a Datsun.


Disclaimer: Below is what I did, if you choose to do the same or similar thing it is at your own risk. Remember that fuel and it's fumes are flammable and dangerous!

My gauge light "canister" on the sender was shot, so I bought a ford unit (I tested the fords away from the fuel and it's thermistor was too low of voltage, it burned up on the Datsun so DO NOT have it around fuel and plug it in!) , I opened up the canister and replaced it with this thermistor below, it's been working great since December 2018. Test your new Thermistor setup thoroughly before installing it into your tank just to be sure that it doesn't over heat and works properly.

I sent my Thermistor info to Bob's Speedometer, so he maybe able to fix the light in house now.


Amphenol Advanced Sensors / RL2004-582-97-D1


Ford Canister:


Edited by 1970 240z

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