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Price estimate for 1971 240Z in Montana

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Hey guys, I have a 1971 240Z shell currently in Bozeman, MT. I attached some pictures, it has the usual floor pan rust but otherwise mostly just surface rust as far as I know (although I have not ground off primer and paint). I'm thinking about selling it since I will be moving to CA and already have a 260z I am working on. What do you all think is a reasonable price? 









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From what I can tell from your photos the body itself looks pretty straight. That helps you out but being in Montana does not. I’m out of Spokane and I see Z cars ranging in price from borderline free to 5k in the condition yours is in. Most of the value you’ll find is going to be in what comes with the shell. 


Is this a bare chassis? Do you have parts to go with the car not pictured? How is the glass? Knowing if the rust is superficial or full-blown cancer is huge too. 


The more info you can provide the better people will be able to gauge a market price. From my experience, limited as it may be, I think $1,000 is going to be all you could squeeze out of that thing, but I could be wrong.

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I think asking for $1000, and being happy with $500 might be what to expect. Unless the interior is complete and immaculate. Or all the missing parts are stored elsewhere. Depends on the area though, if you have the only early 240z for miles you might have more value to someone close by. 

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