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I have the 'Monaco' alternator (been sitting on it since last year) -- it has a serpentine pulley. I spent two hours this morning driving around to different shops, parts stores, and junk yards and NOBODY is willing to provide any help or direction in getting the right pulley. The previous thread mentioned above says "I went from a 2.75" to a 2.375", which resulted in charging voltage kicking in between 600 and 650 RPM, so no more dimming headlights while idling at a stop."  Searching online I have found what look like several viable options for larger diameter pulleys, but not the 2.375" size. Anyone know a part # I can reference to get that? Thanks for any help.

[EDIT] -- searching 2 3/8" I may have found some options -- PowerMaster 111 pulley? Does that look right? 17mm (.671"), right?


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6 minutes ago, ZHoob2004 said:

Have you gone to an alternator/starter specialist shop? They should be able to help you. Anyone that can rebuild an alternator in house. I see a place in West Jordan called "Generator Exchange" that you might want to call, didn't see anything closer on google maps but ymmv.


I was going to go to a place called Orem Auto Electric (I had been there in the past) but I guess they've been out of business for years.

I will call West Jordan exchange -- I guess if the GM pulley isn't going to be 'overdrive' (2 3/8) maybe I should just get the one online? Or could there be smaller ones at the electric shop, too?

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2 hours ago, ZHoob2004 said:

Size of the pulley depends on the speeds the alternator is rated for together with your expected rev range and the size of your crank pulley.


On a hunch I think you'll be close enough no matter what size you end up with, but you may want to double check or ask the shop.

My concern was just based on seeing what they said in that previous thread about being under-powered at idle, but I agree generally any pulley would probably be ok. I may just pick up a $10 pulley from eBAY and give it a shot -- it's not much work on these cars to swap that out if needed :) Thanks for your comment(s).

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