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Triple Webers going on the 71. Don't know alot about them Help!

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Sold a car for part cash part trade for a set of Italian triple webers with linkage and a Cannon intake. They will be going on my series 1... I don't know alot about these carbs but I know alot of guys use these. I asked the guy about the history of them and he said they came off a running car, I asked if there was anything wrong with them and he said rebuild kits are cheap lol, so either there is something wrong with them or he honestly thinks they are good and maybe they are..


I'm guessing it's a little more than just bolting them up and seeing if they are good to go or not. Would you guys rebuild them first and not mess around putting them on the car till then?


Also is there info on how to properly tune and set them up? I have a Air flow meter that I use for my SUs.. 


And lastly, what do you guys use for air filters on these things, they didnt come with any. I like the chrome air horns but don't know how they would keep from sucking in bad shit into the motor, do the little screens actually work vs like a k&n set up?







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4 hours ago, munters said:

Check if all are the same type.

Open them and clean everything and while you are on it write everything down you have in there. Helping will be easier when you know what jets and tubes are installed.

I have rebuilt my round top SUs, but never opened up webers, I'm a little intimidated that springs and ball bearings might come flying out Haha j/k.  Is there any good info in tearing these down? And are the jets and tubes numbered? 



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