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New to the Forum... Just got a 260Z Shell

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Thanks guys I will definitely check them out.  Are these kits avail only through APEX and HOKE websites?  or is there a good distributor that offers these kits?  My Shell is primed and ready for paint?   This is my first build of this caliber.  Can I paint the car (or at least engine bay, interior and undercarriage?  As that is my plan, that is why I am looking for the best kit that wont require test fitting and modifications.

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I have not installed the Hoke or Apex.  No idea how complete they are or are not, or how complete you need, this is a much bigger statement than you realize.  Do you have exhaust expertise? or not.  Hoke, I think quit making them.  Apex is just a cross member I believe.  Again beautiful stuff but it is just a start.  JCI has some great stuff also, bought AC compressor mount from them.  


I went with the CX Racing as it was the most complete in my opinion. Mounts, for Engine and trans and complete exhaust.  We did end up modifying the exhaust ($450 worth) to make it work the way I wanted it to.  That was because of the 8.8 rear I installed, not because of the CX kit.  All in all very happy with it.  The exhaust under the T 56 is pretty low but the full length headers and lack of room dictate a lot of that.  I have a build thread where I go over some of it.  A few thousand miles later, every time I get in the car I laugh as it is just a blast to drive.  80 mph is 2100 rpm in 6th LOL.    


In short a lot depends on the skills of the builder and the amount of work that has to be done by them or having the work done for them.  So far only the tank modifications and exhaust were farmed out, everything else I struggled/stumbled through.  So far dead reliable and super fun. 


For what it is worth, painted the entire engine bay before install and had no issues.  


All of the above is just my opinion.  Take it for what it is worth, and what was paid for it....  Richard. 

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second question
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I used the dirtydingo mount kit with mine. No complaints. It bolted right up and I didn’t have to modify anything, but, I had forward facing manifolds for the turbo. It says in the description something about modifying the steering.



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I did the cx kit, was cheap and easy initially but is now causing difficulties. It mounts the engine high and the motor mounts make it so you cant use factory ac mounting locations as well as limiting the alternator setback. Looking now the apex engineered piece looks better and will allow you to run better suspension. Seems it may still cause interference with the AC though.

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The Broken Kitty (JCI) kit was developed on my car back in 2002/3.  I have been driving the car for 16 years and about 45,000 miles and have had 0 issues with any of the JCI components. They may not be as sexy as some of the other kits but they are time proven.  They also mount the LS motor in the ideal location for the T56 shifter to come up through the stock hole on an S30. I think it is also the most complete source of components.  Engine and transmission mounts, driveshaft, radiator, tach conversion, AC compressor if you want one, and fuel pump. 

All the components were engineered to work together and to be relatively easy to install.

The red 280Z is the car that JCI developed their components on. The gray 240Z is the car that Grenade300 did his photo how to thread for the JCI components.  It is now owned by my son, DarthZ.


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