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Need advice on injector bank wiring for MS2

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1981 280zx NA manual trans.


Currently hooking up a Megasquirt 2 v3.0 PCB to my l28e (which I just did a turbo install from NA). I have 440 cc black tops that I believe originally fit the mk I or II Supra. They are low impendence. I want to just use the PWM mode on MS2 at around 30% like the MS manual states is good. But I don't know how to wire the 6 injectors to the pins.


The original 280zx ECU has pins for each individual injectors, so not sure how to handle the 4 pins allotted on MS2.


Again, I don't want to get resistors or some "peak and hold module" (stated in MS2 hardware manual) if I don't have too. Do you have 3 banks of 2? For cylinder pairs (1,6), (5,2), and (3,4)? 


*Final note: I'm using this car as a learning experience, I understand how unethical it is to turbo a NA L28e instead of getting the L28et for dirt cheap. I picked it up for a grand and so far it has taught me a whole lot. Thank you all.


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