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Plugs in head (4 near cam)

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3 hours ago, ZHoob2004 said:

Core plugs for the coolant passages. My machinist said there's usually no reason to remove them.



2 hours ago, D9inger said:

I’m glad you could answer that, I was drawing a blank 


Thanks guys. I screwed up, and wasn't paying attention... I ended taking one out, thinking it was a head screw, and stripped the socket head during the process. zcardepot doesn't carry them. They look the run of the mill. Are there anything special with them? BSPT?

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18 hours ago, D9inger said:

I'm pretty sure they are BSPT Male. It's a metric tapered thread. 


If you google it, it'll explain allot, or look here




Thanks, I was hedged my bet with bspt; being Japanese and all. Unfortunately, mcmaster carr only carried the lower profile ones. I ended ordering some thru ebay.


And for anyone else that runs into this trouble... I measured the plug to be 1/2" pipe thread (assumed BPST) and 20mm thick.

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