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Performance Rear Sway bar for stock 260z mounts

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Hello together,


I'm actually searching for a Performance rear sway bar that fits into the stock mounts of my 260z.

See my added pictures of the original bar and the mounts on the chassis...the bar went to the front of the diff.


Does anybody have a hint for me where I could find a right one?


Thanks a lot!


Kind Regards from Germany,




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Yep, that's a good price from Silvermine.  They're also available, both individually and as a pair (front and rear), from other vendors like Futofab and Summit Racing; but I don't think you'll find it at a better price than Silvermine (although MSA is about the same price).  The discriminator for you may be which vendor can provide the cheapest shipping to Germany, as the bars are large and heavy.








DP racing makes very nice adjustable sway bars, that are tubular and lighter than the solid bars, but they cost a bit more than the solid steel sway bars.




Just so you know....the rear bar for the 240 can be used on later cars (like yours) as well.  It mounts on the "uprights" behind the differential, with the arms pointing forward to attach to the end links.  This configuration typically works better on lowered cars versus the stock-mounted sway bar.  You may want to consider this option, if your build is headed in that direction.




Viel gluck!

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