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81 280zx Megasquirt 2 Power Problem

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I took the red 12v wire that previously went to the 280zx's ECU, put a 1k resistor on it, then a 2 amp fuse. That wire then fed into pin 28 on the DB37 connector as it should. When the ECU is not plugged in and the car is on, the red wire gets 12V. However, when the ECU is plugged in, I end up getting 0.06 volts (this is checked at the pin coming off the female DB37 connector on the boards bottom side). 


I used the stock 280zx ECU grounds for the megasquirt grounds, with one unused MS ground remaining, of which i made my own ground point to the engine block. All sensors connecting to MS are unplugged. The injectors send 12V in the pins 32 to 35, the daughtercard is out, and I took out D10 to see if anyplace after U5 was leaking the power somehow. D10 before I took it out still had only 0.06V to both ends. Voltage to C15 is also 0.06 - 0.07V on both ends, and I dont have a C30 installed. Left pin on U5 (when D10 was in) was same as D10, so no burnt trace.


Even if the board was fried i figure that I would atleast get the voltage from the stock red wire. 

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