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JMortensen and Zredbaron at Evergreen Speedway

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Just a little race recap/brag. Super happy with the way yesterday went down. I've had my 5.3 swapped Z out I think 5x, and every time I've had mechanical issues. Not yesterday. Well, I did have some driveshaft bolts loosen up, but I fixed it at the track.

Went to Evergreen Speedway's autocross in Monroe, WA. This is a 5/8 mile asphalt oval with a smaller oval in the infield. They run it as kind of a roval with slaloms for autox. There are workers there, no cone shagging, and they limit events to about 90 to maximize runs. I ended up with 12 race runs and another 3 fun runs. Finish line is down the front straight, I was hitting about 90 mph. 

Mark and I worked on his car all day Saturday fixing a throttle cable issue and bracing his fender so that the tire didn't hit it, then raced all day Sunday. It was a full weekend.

We wore Beta Motosports T-shirts in honor of JohnC and of course our cars have hoods and hatches from Beta, mine FG and Mark's CF. Still miss that guy a lot.

About midday someone asked what my times were like. I had no idea, so they looked it up (phone app) and I was 5th overall. Then Mark got a rerun and I was able to ride with him and he went into the first turn 10 or 15 mph faster than I was. After using this data point to adjust my driving I ended up placing 2nd overall, and 2nd in class behind a supercharged, stripped S2000. Very happy. 

Mark was about 1.5 seconds behind, still in top 10. 9th actually. A very successful outing!

Anyway, Mark is much better at sharing videos and pics and tagging appropriately than I am, so hopefully he will see this and post some more up, but here is my FB page where we have both posted a bunch: https://www.facebook.com/Jon.E.Mortensen

And here is a link to one of my earlier runs. I did better later on, but I kept leaving my phone in my pocket and it was damn near impossible to get out, put the phone in the holder, get it all set up, and get back in the seat while in grid, so I didn't have any vids for the last half of the day.





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Like the side cut away guard treatment, should be good aero, same with the minimumalist front. Not sure about the bonnet treatment though, I've always found that getting air out of the engine bay to be most important, aim for negative pressure in there. Got disorientated watching the video LOL.

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