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1970 240Z Race Car Front Suspension Issue

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13 hours ago, silverado22c said:

I would set up the lower control arm at about where it would live most it's life.  Use an old alignment tool that connects to the wheel and uses bubbles, magnetic camber/cast king pin gauge, if you don't have access to an alignment machine.  Probably some circle track guys still use them if you don't want to buy 1.  Just because it seems your LCA is all the way in and your tension rod and tie rod look to being a bit further out.  Then measure like the others say for another sway bar or bend it to fit.


Can't quite tell, but it seems you have slightly positive camber even in the pics.  I don't know on Datsun's, as I've never aligned 1, if negative 3 degrees is 1/4" out or 3/4" out on the adjusting sleeve.  But as it seems you have it on a stand, would need to either set on the ground or somehow get the hub and suspension to ride height for proper alignment.


Is this what you are suggesting? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075FM9GMH/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_MfBtDbMR9QH39


4 hours ago, JMortensen said:

Just pull the springs and jack the control arms until they're level, and that should be close to ride height. Can check bumpsteer while you're in there. 


Sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Thanks for this, it jump started my brain cells again.

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15 hours ago, silverado22c said:

Yep, something like that.  Plus you could use it at the track if really wanting to make changes, not always having to rely and the downtime running to an alignment shop.


Thanks @silverado22c, I will post once I get it and attempt the changes. Thanks to everyone for the replies.

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From Edan at Silvermine. I will flip them whi week and post the outcome. 


"Looking at the pic, I think you need to flip the LCA. the flat side should be facing up. But I don't know why the sway bar is so narrow. weird." 

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