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3 hours ago, Tim Blythe said:

It is strictly a drag car, I would defiantly be concerned about that fuel tank if It was to be driven on the street. 

I wasn’t aware it leaked fuel until I looked at the picture, something ill have to take care of.  


It is a super cool car.


Might want to look into Fuel Safe discriminator valves, its a little float that blocks liquid but lets out air. Also, coiling the vent hose once can help too. 

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The car weighs 2300 with driver,

firewall is in the stock location, still has the vin actually. ran flat sheet straight down directly under the wiper cowl.

I original built the frame our of 3x3 tube steel in the front, used a mustang 2 IFS. For drag racing caster helps keep the car stable, Promods run around 10degree so I used the same angle.

I built the a arms out of 1" chromoly tube and set zero camber, mounted the springs where they wouldn't hit anything and called it good. essentially I just winged it and it works well.

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If you're still having trouble  with your 4l80, the HMMWV uses the 4wd version of the transmission and the manual for complete rebuild is located here in section 28: https://www.liberatedmanuals.com/TM-9-2320-387-24-2.pdf  


There is also a dropbox link I downloaded the GM service manual from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7ckb9edafc7cgd/4L80E.pdf


I can't remember from skimming thru your youtube videos, but are you running the L80 or L85? The 85 is supposed to be rated for more input torque and has an extra gear on the planetary IIRC. Also @jpndave is pretty familiar with the GM autos and has good idea on how to beef them up easily as well as who's parts seem to work best from several of the different suppliers (Sonnax, Trans Go, etc....)

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