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BMW S54 into S30 Chassis - Build Thread

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On 2/21/2020 at 4:01 PM, Neverdone said:

You gonna use the BMW steering rack, or go with a Subaru or something?


Leaning toward going with the BMW rack, primarily for cost reasons since I already have one on the shelf. Also I'm not a huge fan of most electric power steering racks. I much prefer hydraulic and BMW is one of the best in my opinion.

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making a mount for it would be easy as it's just two flat bars that enclose the ear mounts of the BMW rack will actually lower the rack down to make more space for whatever you need. You need to shorten the inner tie-rods about an inch (from what I've read anyway) and Subaru Forester outer tie-rods mount to the knuckle and inner-BMW rods.


Add in that they're super cheaper and widely available, I'm surprised more people haven't looked into using them sooner.


Looking forward to your progress!

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Yup, I will definitely be moving the rack down from where the original would be since I need clearance to the front sump of the oil pan. You're right on with the mounts, they should be pretty straight forward. Once I have a mocked up location I'll have some brackets laser cut and weld them to the sub frame. 


It is just a delicate balance with placement. I want to make sure I'm not going to induce any weird steering characteristics by moving the rack.

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well, back at it. Couple of updates today... lots of pictures too.

I got the BC coilovers welded up, and painted along with the front hubs and rear stub axles.

I also got the bearings and wheel studs put in and am just waiting on the rear brakes before I put the rear assemblies completely back together.

I also got the gauges all mounted up in the new dash, aside from the AFR gauge and voltage. Those 2 will go down lower in the center stack below the climate controls.


Alright so... in order...

Coilover sleeves welded to the original knuckles.

IMG_20200228_174632.jpg.648b3167d9e914bb79effe6ae0e2235f.jpg   IMG_20200228_174607.jpg.07f7db04a955d0f85da839125eb8e55f.jpg IMG_20200228_174548.jpg.1d3d68825219ed930e1b2e92b1ea5290.jpg


Everything all prepped for paint.



Everything all painted up. I just went with an industrial Primer and Flat black top coat (2 coats primer, 3 coats top coat). I went pretty heavy on the coats to try to give it the best shot at durability. It's not powdercoat, but I think it'll hold up reasonably well in the conditions I'll be driving in.

IMG_20200301_191811.jpg.3c95f6674dbd5f89fa638c4595bb08e0.jpg  IMG_20200301_191827.jpg.7bcfa000045244cfbcf3310aff0a39ac.jpg  IMG_20200301_191903.jpg.877bdd6bd853f6f207b953a0ac242ef1.jpg


IMG_20200301_192046.jpg.8caa83ae7e062196c1f30a971daa385f.jpg  IMG_20200301_192057.jpg.7c4b83692b7f1099548bc81eb9cc3030.jpg  IMG_20200301_192142.jpg.7c7c78cb541973e036a6803658f1eb34.jpg


IMG_20200301_192255.jpg.4215c203371d531e902c22abd98c287b.jpg   IMG_20200301_192318.jpg.b7bb34fd4ec0f7681a43cbcdfc166de3.jpg


ARP Wheel Studs and Lug nut test fit onto a wheel

IMG_20200307_140206.jpg.45933215a0aaa5a0685c37af89dbde87.jpg  IMG_20200307_135215.jpg.bf96180a1b93b5d52e1dfb6663ebe472.jpg


Arizona Z car front brakes installed and fit into the wheels like they were meant for it. Plenty of clearance in all directions.

IMG_20200307_150029.jpg.8dd4e3a1cc609066e31859fed48b7510.jpg   IMG_20200307_150114.jpg.e33ac5fea38742f5f450ce181a280e71.jpg   IMG_20200307_150839.jpg.32f2c2aa866e305b99d2a08cac7003b8.jpg


IMG_20200307_150855.jpg.81093594df8cc719ac5e71f5aec01bba.jpg     IMG_20200307_150945.jpg.722193d14179ce9127e1a62f212d5a29.jpg


I'll post up a few pictures of the rear brake kit when it comes in, but for the most part, this pretty much wraps up all of the wheel assembly work.


Here's a few pictures of the dash with all of the gauges. I used the Skillard adapters for the larger SpeedHut gauges and the smaller ones are using some 3D printed adapters from a fellow on one of the FaceBook Groups (Nick Clark)

IMG_20200311_223850.jpg.9c11c01b81a0f4ed3d8d0dc1d0599951.jpg   IMG_20200311_224118.jpg.f5df9183d0b2446e247d2bc6ef5ad78d.jpg


Next is to keep working on putting the dash back together, but then, like I mentioned before, I'll be getting back into the heavier fabrication work on the car itself.

Spring can't be here soon enough ... and if Covid-19 could just go away, that'd be nice


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