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BMW S54 into S30 Chassis - Build Thread

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Back again. Couple more updates. I got the driveshaft adapter back from my machine shop. and it fits like a glove between the BMW CV joint and the r200 input flange. I guess my measurements were pretty good and their machine work was top notch.

IMG_20200814_145643.jpg.a48538ffa4d585ce554bd330c0765d2c.jpg   IMG_20200814_145635.jpg.ac957490804840b4df727fe5d99329a7.jpg


I also went ahead and got the tires mounted onto my wheels and tossed them on for a brief test fit. Granted there's no sub-frame in the car to hold the wheel in place very much, but just hanging there, it's looking pretty good to get away with out any fender flares.

IMG_20200723_194818.jpg.9cc10e33599f16b74dbc7c3d263b63f3.jpg   IMG_20200723_194852.jpg.545d801bf02ba2f5b6e91f604e3e312c.jpg


In front sub-frame news, I think I have all the pieces I need to finally get this thing completed. I have the tube bent, the steering rack mounts plasma cut and the end brackets all laser cut.

IMG_20200808_162152.jpg.4fdd856a04a6fca54a6eef12fc435002.jpg   IMG_20200808_162221.jpg.d8d8a8e776e16bbe8c05f91da8d19495.jpg   IMG_20200808_162329.jpg.37f1c379db1cbd72bbe3f2216ec467e0.jpg


I used a new company for the laser cut parts this go around due to availability of my original source. OshCut is the name of the company I used this time and I was very happy with their whole process and at the end of the day their pricing was reasonable. It pays to have them cut multiples of what you need the first time, since it turned out that 2 sets of parts only cost about $15 more than a single set and the first set cost $80.

IMG_20200811_112425.jpg.7baec9059bf33437ca307af73411c96c.jpg   IMG_20200811_185504.jpg.8d625f02e136e670d6b2dc800c352245.jpg


Anyway, I just need a solid day to trim the tube, finish welding up the end brackets and the steering rack mounts and I should have a functional front subframe. Then to readdress the engine mounts. I'm not sure if i'll use the frame mounted ones I already designed or if there is a way to potentially integrate them into my new subframe. 1 step at a time...

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Sub-frame is done... at least it's all tacked together. And wow, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I am thrilled with the way it came out. It couldn't be packaged any better in my opinion given the placement I want for the engine. I checked the bump steer again, and now instead of my laser drawing a horizontal line when going through the wheel travel, it makes a much more suitable vertical line with an acceptable amount of variation. There are some small adjustments I could do down the road to make it even better on the pitman arm / tie rod side of things, but this is going to be it for now. We'll see how it drives and go from there.


IMG_20200816_193709.jpg.ca9a9791e50a8b0ff126c468f208c129.jpg   IMG_20200816_193713.jpg.cec7002cd38c6007f79137e38dfd4e37.jpg   IMG_20200816_193728.jpg.05707599ccfb29c8e92485ba38f784b3.jpg


IMG_20200816_193742.jpg.1e9e849187f6e59a6cccea4c274481ee.jpg   IMG_20200816_203712.jpg.e82762ad92e04f09bf1764bd47ea1295.jpg


IMG_20200816_203821.jpg.190b397cf8270ae220cae11949d75487.jpg   IMG_20200816_203719.jpg.7b92bdd6d67154850d10820c89f631b1.jpg


IMG_20200816_203836.jpg.da4d8b0a608b8df5e75b562d866bfab6.jpg   IMG_20200816_203831.jpg.d0a79b959495374ac35ae08a36d7e836.jpg


Onward to engine mounts... after some thought I think I'm going to try to a bit of a hybrid approach from what I was originally thinking. I'll get some more pics up, but basically, I'm thinking i'll incorporate the passenger side engine mount with this sub-frame and the driver side engine mount will be on the front frame rail. I think it's going to work better given the steering column placement and the environment. More to come :)


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