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1971 240z ITB install

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My oer/ SK intake plan is going to be perfect. Basically I’m looking for a clean way to do iac and pcv. I will have a plate machined to cap this faux balance bar. Then tap each runner for 1/4 or 3/8. I love the oer/ Sk linkage.  The IAC and PCV will be done on the bottom out of sight.  

This is what the Sk/ oer intake look like under that cap.  Casting is a little rough for my personal tastes.  

I will use a Bosch 0280140551 IAC.  


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Looks good. I have looked at the FET intake for the same reason. I have thought I might get the jenvey 50’s with intake and see what that looks like. 

On a side note I recently added a stock intake heat shield to my customer car with the harada intake. It fit really well and makes a huge difference on intake heat. The under carb/throttle body heat shields really fall short of the area with the most heat. Since the car was already together I just made a crude bracket to hold it from the top but it still looks ok. For my mangoletsi intake since it is webbed it should be able to be done cleaner. I have also thought with the Jenvey since it is angled up a bit it would fit even easier. You could also well bolt bosses to the bottom.   





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It also does not interfere with the Oer under throttle heat shield and gives a double layer for a bit. Might think about this while messing with the underside. I have a couple very nice condition heat shield I was thinking I would send out for a heat reflective coating. 

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21 hours ago, tioga said:

You should get the top aluminum plate engraved with the old SK sport kit graphic. Today with the laser engravers prob wouldn’t cost much. 



I will make the cap nice looking.  Somesort of SK logo.  I will keep it simple, but add some flare.  


The casting is pretty rough, first step is to knock that down.  My local engine shop has a huge vibratory polisher.  I might try that first.  

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Duffys E31 Flow Testing 63" Static       15" Static     
63 Degree Shop 45 Intake Valves       36.5 Exhaust Valves    
DSI Big Valves                            LIFT        Manometer             CFM                           LIFT    Manometer            CFM
Porting By Andrew Kazanis of Mad Greek  0.05 50 35   0.05 14 35
Date: 2/22/2020 0.1 45.25 60   0.1 13 55
  0.15 41.75 90   0.15 12.1 80
  0.2 36.5 125   0.2 11.5 95
  0.25 33 140   0.25 11 115
  0.3 31 160   0.3 10.7 125
  0.35 27 190   0.35 10.5 130
  0.4 23 220   0.4 10.3 135
  0.45 21.5 235   0.45 10.1 145
  0.5 21 235   0.5 10.1 145
  0.55 21.2 230   0.55 10.1 145
  0.6 27 190   0.6 10 150

Datsun Flow Testing Data.xlsx

Edited by DuffyMahoney

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