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Frank J

My car dies apparently loosing all power after a 10 minute drive, the car will restart as if normal and I can drive away afterr 5-10 minutes of waiting as if something electrical needed to cool down.

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Hello all,

 I have come across an issue that I can't easily solve myself yet and was hoping for some advice or shared knowledge. When driving my Z for the first time after ten minutes of drive time I lost all power and the car shut off completely (no lights,no crank) I couldn't restart it until I waited 5 to10 minutes then it started up again normally.

 I have narrowed my solution to 3 options...

#1) save a few hundred dollars and pay a really good technician to fix my issue.

#2) buy 2 or 3 more common parts that might be causing the problem and replace then unnecessarily; I have read the a bad fusible link, a bad ignition switch or a bad ballast resistor could be at fault.

#3) continue to read, do research, and ask until I can pinpoint the exact fault and fix it.

 I was wondering if you had read or have come across anything like this problem and if you had any suggestions? 

Thank you for taking the time out of your busyschedule to read this and for considering to help.

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