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I painted my Z with white Rustoleum sprayed out of an HVLP gun about 5 years ago or so. After a few races I had pretty serious exhaust stains behind my side pipes, and stains on the doors from tape and other tan stains that looked like dirty water had dripped down the sides of the car. Went and tried to wash it today, that didn't work at all, so I ended up basically wet sanding most of the car with 500 grit.

I don't think the car is going to get different exhaust anytime soon, so I'm just trying to figure out something to do to make it less noticeable, and maybe make the car prettier in the process. Would like to advertise my business as well. Basically thinking about stripes or something and my web address across the back.

Don't really know ANYTHING about getting that done. My initial thought for this car like 12 years ago was to do dazzle camo on it. This is basically sharp angles and stripes, used by navies back in WWI days. Here is an example:


Was originally planning blue and white. Now I'm thinking black would hide the exhaust stains better. Thinking about masking sections off, shooting with black, then laying pin striping black tape over the edge to hide the lines. Nice part about dazzle camo is you can't do it "wrong."

Never attempted anything quite like this, just looking for suggestions. One thing I remember seeing blueovalz do was to use a laser level that makes a line on the wall. He hung it from his rafters and made lines down the top of his car for super accurate, straight racing stripes. Straight won't matter if I go dazzle camo, but it was a great idea.

Also a lead on where I could buy a 4' wide piece of vinyl with my business's web address would help.

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