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Universal eBay Fender Flares

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Does anyone have experience with universal fender flares on eBay? I see a few listings with Z's in their product photos that look decent but who knows if they're real product photos. They're a fraction of the MSA ones so it's a tempting cheaper alternative...


s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Wow, that's insanely cheap!  Please be sure to post your impressions of them if you do purchase. 


I don't have any personal experience with those exact flares (and that vendor); but I did purchase some cheapo flares a few years ago that look to be very similar from a vendor called "jendosa" at the time.  They can certainly be made to work; but the difference in quality of materials and fitment between them and quality flares was immediately apparent.  I eventually bought a nice set of fg flares from Retro-Spec (before he ran into all his recent issues); and like them much better.  Thicker and stronger construction, and much better fitment to the S30 sheetmetal. 


I kept the cheapo flares as spares, and use them with my race setup because I don't care if they get damaged.

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