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New Tool: 2x72 Belt Grinder - Awesome for general fabrication

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Not sure about you guys, but I struggled with bench grinders and angle grinders for years (decades) before I saw the light. Once I built myself a 2x72 belt grinder (mostly used by knifemakers) my workshop was transformed. I just finished working with some 3/8" x 5" flatbar in a project, and I was destroying metal that big in no time with a 36 grit ceramic belt. I can see a million uses for this working on cars, including using (fantastic) scotchbrite belts to give a nice finish to stainless and aluminum parts. 5 seconds with one of those belts transforms crappy looking metal.


Now that I have it, I cannot imagine a shop being complete without it. These things run upwards of $3000 it seems, granted at that price you get variable speed, multiple contact wheels, aftersales support, etc. Being frugal as we are, I managed to put one together for less than $400. (And then promptly spent $300 on belts, lol) I should have done this years sooner... Can only imagine how much better my Z parts would have been if I had.


If you are interested here's a link to my youtube channel with a vid. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtyEKcRbODF-sTWDF3kgEYw/about


Not in the Z games these days, but the time may come again. Catch you all later. :)

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