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The Unicorn at the Car Show

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I like to take my Z to car shows over the summer months.  It's a daily driver so the paint is 22 years old and has 100,000 miles worth of rock chips etc.  The interior is getting a little worn and the wheels are definitely not the "in" style.  It is, however, usually the only or one of a few Z's at the show and tends to draw a fair amount of attention.  I also spend my time standing beside the car (rather than sitting in a chair behind it) and talking with people as they come by.  I've heard a lot of nostalgic stories about the Z's people used to have. I also keep my racing helmet sitting on top of the car and talk kids into putting it on and having their parents take pictures of them in the car. The kids and the parents love it.  Lie I said - it's a daily driver, not a show car, so it's ok to touch, sit in, etc.

Interestingly, of the five shows I went to this year, I came home with a trophy from three of them. Go figure.  Really pisses the guys off with the 6 figure show cars that get nothing.

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These cars are becoming rare.  20 years ago, when this site first started, a S30 Z wasn't an exotic proposition as a daily driver.  I'd see them on the streets of Los Angeles, where I lived at the time.  Even a 240 could be found through the Autotrader (or whatever it was) newspaper for around $2000.  A 280Z in entirely running condition, passing California smog-check, could be found for under $1000.


Times have changed.  Never mind V8 conversions, 2JZ conversions or whatever else.  Just finding an S30 Z, in any shape, is a rarity.  A well-running V8, regularly driven and lovingly owned, is a special treat... even if (or especially if?) it's not a "show car".

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