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Super 8.8 IRS diff swap kit.


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Swap kit for s30 datsuns to swap the super 8.8 off a 2015 and up mustang into the 240z, 260z, 280z


Comes with uprights that bolt up to off the shelf 2004 neon srt4 coilovers and a cradle kit for the super 8.8 diff.


Brakes, bolt on hub, donor cv axle parts and diff all off a 2015 mustang. 5x114.3 bolt pattern.


2014 brakes will work for some 15 inch wheels and will bolt up with 5/16 caliper spacers that can be ordered extra or can make your own.


Kit is currently in many many cars.  If you have questions i would be happy to answer them.


Fully welded kit is all I'm currently selling.  1600 plus shipping.


Complete assembled axles are 1100 plus shipping.


Feel free to ask questions, also can accommodate special requests within reason.









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Great job on developing this! I am considering for a road race build. But have a couple questions. Strength is not a concern for me since I can make it fine with an R180 and u-joint axles. But I like this option due to cheap parts availability and virtually unlimited ratios. Weight is a concern. A R180 is a little over 60lbs and an R200 is just over 70 dry.  Best I can tell the Ford 8.8 is 65 in aluminum and 85 in iron.  Does that sound right? If so that is a pretty simple trade off.  Do you know how much your cradle and uprights weigh?  The cradle is a weight adder, but it looks like the uprights could be a reduction. Thanks for your attention.

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@clarkspeed I have one of Wlad’s kits for my turbo Z (V.7 I think?). I can weigh the parts with my fish scale if Wlad has not weighed them yet. I got the 17’ GT auto trans diff which is an all AL body and Fords standard “Torsen” helical. Weighed-in at 70lbs. nearly identical to the weight measured with the same scale for the R200 open unit. Both dry, no stub shafts. 

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 I'm in the parts gathering stage of my first Z build in about a decade. I've read through the threads regarding this setup, and while it seems pretty straightforward, having a comprehensive required parts list would be excellent. 


I'm in for one setup with all the goodies, I'll PM you for contact info... in a little while, I'm running late for work. 

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