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L24 E88 Intake and Exhaust Manifold flange dimensions

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I'm looking for a Technical drawing or a CAD file of the intake Manifold on an E88 Head. 


I wan't to do some CAD designing and later 3D printing and testing for the L24 turbo build I'm planning. Having both the dimensions of intake and exhaust manifold flanges would be great but im primarily looking for the intake ones. 


(i found a l28et one but that's not exactly what i need https://cad.onshape.com/documents/62ec8d4c1b6a326b006e0e4f/w/829e4a2841936f5429ec421d/e/db10d8b7ab8801d4d61a16c5)


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Aren't the intake ports basically the same minus the injector notches and possibly the port sizes? (Should be within a few mm)


What I'd do is take that model into fusion or solidworks and just use the 2d drawing of the mating surface and edit the notches out. Print it 100% scale and see how it fits.

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