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Hello Z enthusiasts,


My name is Brian Joseph, owner of BHJ Automotive, many of you may not of heard of us but some of you have. We specialize in custom Asian auto parts starting with the Datsun Z. Currently we are the primary seller of Retro-Spec products, we can guarantee all Retro-Spec products with a 4-6 week lead time, and we also hold some of their products in stock having a 2-3 day lead time before shipment. We sell other brands as well and are looking to design and manufacturer our own parts for all Z generations.


If you are interested in our brand or have any questions feel free to visit our site www.bhjautomotive.com or contact us at sales@bhjautomotive.com, thank you for taking a look at our thread, we hope to hear from you all soon!

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Did they sell off their molds to you after the fire? Are you now manufacturing their parts or just running the business side to allow them to focus just on manufacturing in a timely manner?


Not sure you'll have a very enthusiastic response related to Retro-Spec. Lots of people have been disappointed for a long time about overly long lead times and very poor communication. 

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Hello @Zetsaz,


We are currently just running the sales side so that they can focus on catching up on manufacturing, we are also helping to organize orders in a way that allows us to be more transparent with customers about their order. At any time a customer can contact us and we will have an update for their order within 24 hours, we also have a strict 4-6 week lead time for anything that is made to order.


Along this note we are also working to hold more Retro-Spec products in our stock so that we can ship within 2-3 days instead of waiting for manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or would be interested in any custom parts for your Z. Thank you!

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Hello @bradyzq and @calZ,


We don't require a subscription, we actually just had a problem arise with our email subscription pop up. It should allow you to deny it and exit. I will keep you posted when we get this resolved. For now if you are using PC feel free to press the esc button to exit. Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions

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