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Another No start/Hard start

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Hello all, yes it’s another no start thread. Yes I have searched, and no definite answer. So the car is a stock 77 280, that has sat for years. Tank and pump were gummed up. I’m running out from fuel can with new aftermarket pump. So i have gone through bible etc and I have a long history of mechanical knowledge, and yet i’m stuck. The car cranks and doesn’t run on it’s own. Runs on starting fluid. 

Here’s what I have done: verified spark at each plug and new plugs. 

Cleaned and Checked injectors by running them into small bottles. All injectors spraying. CSV functioning normally. No leaking injectors. 

Capped all unnecessary vacuum ports. 

Repaired rat chewed wires. 

Cleaned green connectors. 

Verified values at ecu connector. 

Checked CTS for operation. 

Compression test 120psi 1-3, 130psi 4-6

Cam timing is correct. 

AFM is clean under the cover, and pump circuit functional.  Air temp readings normal. 

Pump functioning in “start”


what I have not done is verified fuel pressure at rail. Currently the car starts and stalls. Plugs getting wet, and when I swap/ clean it starts up but stalls. It starts and runs for 10-20 seconds with just cold start valve, but injectors disconnected. Advancing the distributor seems to help, but doesn’t run. Rotor seems to be facing between 1&5 at TDC. So right now with injectors plugged in it floods, and with them disconnected it starts until it burns all the fuel. 

I will grab a fuel pressure gauge from work but I’m not sure that is the problem. Any thoughts?

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