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240z,260z,280z,300zx, L28Turbo Garage Sale w free stuff


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Sold my Z some years back, Making way for a new project I have pics of everything upon request but some are below

All prices are without shipping Free stuff at bottom buyer pays shipping on all items 



280z intake manifold $60

280zxt exhaust manifold $60---->  SOLD

280zxt MAF sensor $20

2 turbos that need rebuilt $40 each (i can't find them at the moment but if someone is interested i will dig them out of the garage) 

300zx throttle body $50

75 280z Manual ECU PN A11-000 050 $100

6 Green top injectors $30  

5 Brown top injectors $40

NEW 70-78 Prothane NIS strut rod urethanes $15

New 70-78 Prothane Front C-arm urethanes $15 

New 70-78 Prothane sway bar urethanes $20

New 70-78 Prothane Rear c-arm urethanes $15                     (Will Sell the urethane's as a whole kit for $90 if interested )

New 70-78 14-602 Kit mustache bar urethanes $20

New 70-78 Steering Coupler urethane $15

New 70-78 Prothane unknown urethanes maybe the rear diff? i don't remember 

C2 Air/Fuel ratio gauge $60

Nabco brake master cylinder $30

260z Distributor with cap & rotor $10

260z driveshaft with broken spicer joint on it $80

240z 260z 280z spark plug wires $10 

240z 260z 280z New in Box Oil pressure sensor $20

6 spark plugs $10 

280zxt stock turbo waste gate $10

240z,260z,280z Duralast Ignition coil i have 2 of them $5 each 

--------------Hard to find relay's------------

280z OEM rear defrost relay PN 25230-N3000 $20

280z Datsun OEM Universal relay PN 25230-89958 $20

280z Intermittent wiper AMP ASSY relay $20

240z,260z,280z OEM Voltage Regulator PN TL1Z-79B $30

assortment of gaskets $10

How to rebuild your Nissan Datsun OHC Book $5

Haynes 280z manuel $5

Haynes 240z 260z 280z manuel $5


--------  FREE Stuff   ---------------

240z,260z Choke and rear fogger dash lights, rear defrost switch, Hazard switch

small hood inspection door-----> GONE 

assortment of nuts bolts from 260z

260z carburated OEM rear fuel pump

280z fuel pump

260z fuel rail for carburetors 

280zxt 90 degree down pipe ---->  GONE

260z glove compartment door

OEM jack













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