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L-series bronze oil drive

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A natural upgrade new part for your high-performance L6, L4 and NAPS-Z L4 engines.
A must if your engine regularly revs high, designed for competition use, this part is equally at home in street-modified engines.
It is fitted to reduce accelerated wear to the drive teeth and therefore gear failure* and is especially efficient at  high RPMs.
Gear failure will send metal fragments around your engine via the oil and may lead to a complete halt in lubrification and catastrophic engine failure !!!
This the essentiel part that you won't find in the Book "How to modify your Nissan and Datsun OHC engine" !
It is basically a small and inexpensive piece of insurance for the longevity of your performance engine - not to be overlooked lightly, its' absence could cost you dearly.
Made by Rondeau (France) under my supervision to the original Datsun competiton and USA Nissan Motorsport specification. 
All the major performance engine specialists, whether they be motorbikes, V8s or our own L-gatas fit bronze oil drives - you'll see them listed in their quotes.
Applicable to 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX Fairlady Z NISMO
$155 shipped worldwide.



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