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MS2 L28ET Stopped sparking

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I was just pulling my 240z out of the driveway and it died. I originally thought I might be low on gas but it turns out I am not getting spark. I connected my computer and it senses rpm. I can test the injectors and even hear the clicking in the cabin when doing a spark test but it's not creating a spark on the distributor. 
Do you have steps I could follow with a multimeter to figure out the exact issue?
MS2 3.0 L28et. Single coil to stock distributor setup.

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Start from the beginning.


You hear it sparking,  but not creating spark on the distributor?  The distributor is the first place the spark will jump. Check your distributor cap/rotor.


You pulled the plugs, grounded them and tested for visual spark at the plugs themselves?


megasquirt is really great for troubleshooting with its test functions.



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