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Looking for some advice on ITBs and L28 L31

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Hi Gents,


anybody of you running ITB´s in the Z ? Have ditched the triple weber 45´s and setup up the jenveys with an aftermarket ECU and wideband lambda.

My question is at what AFR are you aiming at idle / part throttle and WOT ? not sure at what the engine likes so far.


Have tuned some honda K20´s with the wideband and had them until 50% throttle at 14.7 and then slowly to 13.0 at full WOT.

Maybe somebdy can shed some light ?


Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.


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They tend to like to be richer than 14.7. Mid to low 13’s produce a decent idle. You can lean it out a bit at your cruse and go a little to the rich side at work. What fuel system are you running? Can you just build your VE table and then just change your lambda target and have it adjust your mix? If that is the case at idle you can just try a few different targets and see what I am talking about. Idle will definitely fall off in the 14’s and be happy in the 13’s

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