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VQ35DE Swap Weight and HP

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Accidentally deleted so reposting.


full interior

vq35de with z1 lightweight flywheel and crank pulley


2574 lbs without me, near perfect 50/50 balance. 

And yes Leon, it does get better with me in it. All weights except right front get closer together. With me IN the car, there is a 90lb difference between the right front and left front. All other weights become closer. Yes corner balance would make it perfect but I’m good with where it ended up. The coilovers I have don’t allow to adjust ride height separate from preload so we just set the ride height and this is where it ended up.


270/270 at the wheels, that’s around 320 at the fly. A lot of fun to drive that’s for sure.







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Forgot about the bar, I have an autopower bar as well. It's a 73 with R200 and Troy Ermish axles. ....And a 12" sub in the spare tire well....That all adds up doesn't it. I was talking with one of the techs there at SOHO Motorsports and he is developing an adapter for the VQ to use a Z32 5spd. Simply for size and weight savings. The 6spd in it is very large and of coarse much heavier than a 4 or 5 speed. But it's a brut. However the Z32 5 spd would hold up just fine at my power levels.

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The difference between the weight of a L standard gearbox and the VQ lump would be considerable, relevant to weight distribution too. The VQ box is way stronger of course, Z32 box is good for 500 hp.

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