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QUICK UPDATE:   Got the car sandblasted yesterday!!!!   The company I went with is local here in St. Louis and did an excellent job using fine crushed glass. Took about 4 hours and

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On 8/17/2020 at 9:58 AM, Sanchez said:


I was hoping maybe some of you could suggest a relatively good primer to use to keep the car from rusting while I do the body work. Something that I can body fill over before using a a highbuild primer primer before paint?





I've been using Variprime 615S self etching primer since the late 1970's. Excellent stuff, it kills any surface corrosion that happens between the stripping of the old finishes and when you get the car to your shop. It also is a good base for high build primer just be sure and go over it with some scotchbrite first to promote good adhesion.





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1 hour ago, Sanchez said:

@Racer X 69

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll look into it. I’m gonna be grabbing some POR15 for the insides of frame rails, and have some weld through primer I put on these pieces for metal to metal and lap welds.

eastwood sells a coating you can spray inside frame rails with a wand. It’s expensive, but the long tube is convenient and their products are very high quality IMO. 


im doing tons of panel replacement and rust repair myself. Feel free to scroll though the videos on IG @240z_restomod. You might see something that jogs your mind :) 

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I just took off my factory sound deadening and found a big hole in that area that the previous owner patched with fiberglass....

What guage you using? I have lots of 16Ga but figured it was overkill. Also juat got my wiring from hexagarage and the wiring seemed like it was done good lol. Will need to hook it all up to test 'er out.

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Good to hear about Hexa Garage, I’ve been speaking with the owner and will probably get my harnes done in 1-2 months. You can use 16ga if you want, the stock is 18ga though for floor pan and firewall metal. If you’re good at welding and lap the patch it shouldn’t be difficult. I’m sticking to stock metal thickness throughout my repairs and doing the strengthening at specific stress points on the body later.

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Posted (edited)

Not really a progress update on the car, but I did just adopt a new helper who may eventually learn to fetch me tools.


You can see a bit of the Z in the background. She’s settled in nicely at home so I can start bringing her to the garage and get back to the body work after this 2-3 week break.

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