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280zx (1983) shocks and springs, anyone?

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I'll be tackling this project very soon.  Did you have any trouble removing the nut from the top of the front strut tubes?  I bought the spanner wrench from The Z Store, but I'm curious if I'll be in for a fight removing that nut.  Car is a southern car, and doesn't have rust, but that nut hasn't been touched in 41 years.

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hi tokuzumi.  

I live in quebec, canada, where we normally have a lot of rust., although it seems my car never saw much moisture..  I had no issues what so ever, so I wouldn`t worry too to much. 

The good thing about this set up is you can remove the shock and top plate by removing the 3 nuts that are on the shock tower..  this way, you have better access to the central nut, if I remember. 

Worst come to worse, if you're changing the shocks themselves (after 41 years, i`m guessing yes) and the top nut won't budge, you can always put a pair of vice grips on the shaft and use an impact or a long breaker bar on the nut.  but only if you are changing the shocks, as that would mar the finish on the shaft and  break the seal on the shock. 


good luck, and let us know.





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