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280ZXT companion flange, 240Z housing, grease seal

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I'm in the process of installing a long nose R 200 limited slip differential with 280 ZX turbo tripod half shafts into a 240 Z. I have transferred the dust shield from the 240 Z companion flange to the 280 ZX turbo companion flange, although I'm not exactly sure why I needed to do that. However, as many of you know, there is a problem with the grease seal. There have been writeups in the past on this recommending using the R200 Piñon seal with the rubber removed off of the outside of the seal. However, in my circumstance, it was too large by 0.8 mm.


By measuring the seal journal of the 280 ZX Turbo companion flange and the inner diameter of the housing for the 240 Z, I came up with the dimensions of 40 mm for the outside diameter of the companion flange seal journal,  and 72 mm for the inside diameter of the 240 Z housing. So, there are several sources that make a 40 x 72 x 10mm grease seal. I ordered this from Timken and it was a perfect fit!  Problem solved! I found this seal simply by google search. I hope this helps anyone trying to do this conversion.

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