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What fuel injectors for OER ITBs

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Hey guys,

I've ordered the OER ITBs but can't find or figure out which type of fuel injectors fit and are best for the L28. Do any of you know or can you point me in the right direction.



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first up, you need to get the physical size right- distance between the o rings and diameter of the o rings. if like my Fajs ITBs it'll be 61mm and 14mm. 


then you have to get the electrical connector right - if your efi comes with a harness, it'll already have connectors, probably uscar or jetronic. 

then you want to pick the right flow rate. 330cc will get you to around 50bhp/cylinder.


I have Bosch 0280156095 which were on european ford focus st170 10/15  years ago and so are quite cheap. 


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If you go to this website:-




And send them an e-mail asking the question they'll reply and send you a picture, with dimensions, of the type of injector you need 


I have a reply from them somewhere in my inbox with the above information but can't seem to find it.......

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I have vintage SK throttle bodies, basically the same casting as the OER.  I plan on an injector like this.




I am still trying to find the spray pattern for it.  Bosch made this model in 4 spray angles and 4 spray patterns.  


My plan is a single cnc fuel rail.  


I know people have used the RX7 injectors with success.







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