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How difficult are 82-83 turbo distributors to acquire? Also bluetooth dizzy and MS question


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Getting my mind prepared for the damage I'm going to do to my credit card to go with a Megasquirt kit (Godzilla or ProtunerZ) for my 1980 ZX base (this will include new fuel rail, injectors, adjustable FPR, etc).  But I need a 82/83 distributor assembly along with the oil pump. 


Some basic Google searches show this is a "Where's Waldo?" type of part.  Rock Auto is a "return and rebuild".  And local parts stores have 0 inventory.


I'm guessing it's not really feasible to frankenstein the 82/83 innards into the stock 1980 distributor?  This leads me down the bluetooth distributor path;




This site does not mention compatibility with the 280ZX, however.  Tabling the "will this distributor work with the 280ZX" for a moment, does this have the ability to interface with the MegaSquirt to get the info it needs? 

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Finding a used 280ZXT dizzy is getting to be a real challenge now. Some have modified the Jeep cam sensor IIRC to mate up to the old pump spindle. I thought another cleaver way would be a cam gear and hall sensor mounted on the valve cover. You can always run a crank sensor as well. I like the 280ZXT dizzy with the diyautotune trigger wheel. Gives you crank and cam outputs if you want to go sequential fuel and/or spark. It an easy bolt in solution.


The 123 looks nice but its complete overkill when you will be running a stand alone.


I've done a few NA MS setups - are you staying stock or thinking of boosting?

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Definitely staying NA.  The car is a garage queen, with mostly original paint in great shape (no sun damage from original paint), and I don't want to hack it up and do anything that can't be converted back to stock for purists down the road. 


I could always go with the ProtunerZ crank sensor pulley, but that seems like I'd have to go with a coil on plug scenario at that point.  Godzilla can offer assistance in sourcing a distributor for an additional charge. 


I will also reach out to ZManOfWashington over on ZCar.com.  He sounds like he's sitting on enough parts to build 100 Z cars of all years.

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Don't forget social media like DPAN on Facebook, etc


I would try and track down the 280ZXT dizzy and oil pump spindle.  It's bolt on and bolt off - doing the same thing right now to my son's 280ZX NA as we convert it back to EFI (but MS3 instead of the stock system).

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Im in the same boat as you.  I'm considering the mega squirt kit from protunerz along with their L-series manifold etc. and have been wondering what to do about the distributor.  I've seen remanufactured units from "A1 Cardone" brand on eBay and some other sites for about $200.  I'm don't see why one of these remans couldn't work but maybe I'm missing something key here.  

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hey guys.

I have the email of a guy who had a small scrapyard with only early zcars, he's got 5-6 bodies in various shapes, but a large.. shed?  the side of a 2 spot garage full of parts, engines, manifolds, trannies, mirrors, etc.

Dunno what else he has, but I can hook anyone up with his email if you pm me.  I'm not comfortable sharing his email here, out in public...

it is in the Montreal, Quebec Region, so shipping will be required for most people. 





I also have one.  it's 5500$ and comes with the rest of the car attached to it.  BAT.....  :-)



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