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A buddy found this car in the woods of Calaveras County in the Summer of 2018 while clearing dead trees. Hadn't been registered since at least 1992. After getting it outta there, doing a lien sale, having a VIN verification, and misc DMV hoops the car is mine. Its a late 1975 car, decent body shape considering the time it sat abandoned. Last Summer I finally got busy on the teardown and build. 


I knew I wanted to go full tilt on this car, especially since my wife wants to drag race it. So we backhalved it, 4 link, narrowed 9" Ford, and a Rhodes Cage.


A turbo LS was always the plan, but it eventually evolved into twins. A Powerglide was also the initial transmission selected, but after a decent 4L80e was found for $100, I decided to go that route. Added a HD2 kit and all seals for good measure. Converter is a no name 10" billet from a truck I had, but it kept smoking lockup clutches, so the last time it was repaired under warranty, it became a shelf piece while my truck got a billet Pro Truck Yank Triple Ciutch.


Bought a Holley Terminator X Max for engine and transmission management. The gen 4 5.3 engine came from a 2010 Tahoe with a dead DoD lifter. I pulled the motor down, changed all 16 lifters with LS7 units, hardened pushrods, BTR 660 spring kit, LS9 head gaskets, ARP head studs, and a custom 22x/22x cam.















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