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Technical paint questions about painting my car at home.

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With rust repairs, body work and paint jobs now exceeding $20k+ these days I decided to restore my early 71 240z my self. It has been a long 5 YEARS!. But I'm finally at the painting stage and doing my first ever paint job at my house and as expected, im running into issues.


Welded in new dog panels and did all the body work and primer myself, blocksanded everything straight, glass out, interior is newly painted and cleared along with the engine compartment. Just painted all my panels front and back but I still need to paint the actual car ( roof, quarters and rear).


Everything looks great from 3 feet away but the unforeseen problem is that my paint has went bad and my gun has sprayed out tiny pieces of dry paint all over my panels, rather than stopping I decided to keep spraying everything due to a small window I had off work to do this... Then I googled what to do about nibs and found it was better to try to bury everything in clear so I sprayed about 2-3 coats of clear on everything and you can still see and feel the tiny rock like bumps all over.


What happened is I opened up the paint back in May to spray the engine compartment and interior and 5 months later used the rest of the paint to paint my panels now it's bad, I have new paint coming from the same supplier which they still charged me for (but I'm working on getting it refunded).


Anyway the new paint should be here in a few days to spray the rest of the car I'm starting to rush this alittle because here on the north coast the rain is already coming and temperatures are dropping into the upper 40s and 50s and my window for painting 70+ degrees is closing.  


My question is, what the hell should I do about my panels? Haha.. Sand them down smooth and reshoot clear? Sand them down to basecoat and reshoot basecoat? Try to sand and polish them.


If I sand the new dried clear coat smooth and reclear over the top of it will it leave cloudy sanding scuffs that will show through the new clear?


I should also mention I have a few black beard hairs that landed on the first coat of clear and can be seen though the bright white paint. Can I dig those out? Maybe take a tooth pick with basecoat om it and put it over the hair then reclear? Sand it all down to primer and start over with new paint? The nibs are the same color as the paint aside from a few hairs and a bug or 2.


I realize maybe I should have stopped, but this is the situation I'm currently in and any paint advice would be appreciated.


Btw the panels actually look really good as far as the bright white color and like I said from 3 feet away it looks awesome but these little nibs might drive me crazy later. 

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