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mystery rear main seals included with new round seal

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I ordered a new rear main seal for my 79 280zx from Zcar Depot. Their listing stated an oem seal.  Along with a normal circular type rear main seal that I'm acustomed to, I receive two other hard rubber seals measuring about 2 5/16" long by 1/4" by 1/8".   Zcar Depot's part number is 200-717.  I don't remember using these seals in the past.  What are they for?  The original engine is in my car.  

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Quote  "If the side seals leak, you'll have to remove the cap and replace them as well. "    So to be clear, in order to replace these side seals I would need to remove the sump (oil) pan.  Doing it now with the transmission out would be a problem due to rear mount not being installed and having to unbolt the front motor mounts to raise the engine in order to remove oil pan.  Is there any reason why I couldn't remove the rear main cap to install side seals after the transmission is back in the car?  Removing the oil pan then sure would be easier.  

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