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AiM PDM32 and 10" screen

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Seriously looking into an this kit, MSRP $2400, as a solution to entire car wiring and dash instruments/gauges for my build.  I decided to scrap the original EFI and body harness to simplify the build.  Considering the total cost of individual gauges and entire car harness there would not be too much of a premium to pay for this upgrade.  Anyone have experience with this setup?  It's relatively new to the market.  Custom dash will be needed which I'm ok with.  Until now was planning on using Holley Terminator X engine ECU and harness so need to check compatibility on that front.

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Availability for the AiM PDM is still unknown for USA market.  Word is it should be out this month but have not checked to to see if this release date still valid. 


One issue that's putting me off is Holley will not release Terminator X Max CanBus software to AiM so the PDM screen is not compatible.  I want to run the Terminator X Max on my LS3 swap.  AiM has the Holley Dominator ECU CanBus but that means spending $1-2K more than the Terminator kit.  Since I am going N/A that means spending more for the Dominator's rich functionality, which I will never use, just so I can run the PDM.

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I know nothing about the AIM PDM specifically, but I heartily endorse the PDM concept.  It adds immense functionality and flexibility while actually simplifying wiring and implementation in practice.


Using multiple old school gauges, fuses, and relays to wire a car is positively stone age in comparison.  I am using a Motec PDM, and whenever AIM releases theirs I wager it will be every bit as good while also significantly less expensive.


I'm curious...does the Terminator setup come with fully tuned maps for the various models of LS?  One of the reasons I wonder is my last build has standalone EMS that required complete tuning.  Here I am 15 years down the road, and the tune is still frustratingly imperfect.  It is easy to tune WOT and midrange, but all the little things, like light throttle drivability and AFR, idle under differing conditions, etc, are maddeningly impossible to get perfect.


I wanted to use a crate engine this time, with the factory tuned EMS, and be done with it.

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Holley Terminator ECUs come with "startup" tunes but doubt they offer complete tunes.  Further tuning after startup can be done via lap top while driving.  However, the best possible tune would be achieved on a dyno I believe.  The tuning software is free to download if interested in viewing functionality.  I watched a few "How To" videos of the Holley tuning software and was sold on it's abilities. 


RacePak (owned by Holley?) has PDMs but have heard they are not as feature rich and don't carry as many amps as other brands including the new Aim. 



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