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I wanted to share my experience with the CX Racing exhaust for my LS2 swap as I saw a lot of mixed reviews when I was looking. Overall, I have been really impressed. I’m not a fabricator but the build quality looks really good and shipping was super fast.


The headers fit really well (which was a relief after spending a lot of time trying to find other options, including the JTR headers, which didn’t fit with my LS2 in a 1977 280z) and the rest of the exhaust lands right where it needs to be. The only tricky part was the hanger situation. They were just slightly off from where I needed them to be so I ended up making my own, which wasn’t too bad.


Now I just have to figure out why the muffler raises up just a little when the engine warms up...something is moving around. LMK if you have ideas.

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I have the Apex Engineered front suspension, which comes with LS mounts. I then used Hawks Motorsports T56 trans mount, which is nice but requires a bit of work to get it mounted as the 280z floor pans aren't flat so I wasn't able to just put a flat metal plate on the floorboard to mount the bracket (I ended up with a few smaller mounting plates cut to match the countours of the floor). I'm not sure how the CX Racing trans mount would work given the space but it could be worth a shot.


A few other notes for you...I used a few Hawks components for the swap, in case your interested (definitely get the remote bleeder!). The short throw shifter repositions the shifter into the Datsun shifter hole.


1300-044-019 Tremec T56 Rear Output Seal, 2004-2006 GTO #A45 1
HT-DATTC Transmission Crossmember, Datsun 70-78 S30 LSx Conversion, 6 Speed 1
CBW-062 93-02 Camaro/Firebird HAWKS T56 6-Speed Billet Short Throw Shifter 1
HT-FBODYMRSBL Line, LS1 F-Body, Corvette C5 & Z06, 04-06 GTO Remote Clutch Speed Bleeder Line 1
1386-598-016 Tremec T56 Offset Lever w/ Shifter Cup Bushing (F-Body/Cobra/Viper) 1


Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions.

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