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Bathurst record.

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I just raced at Bathurst in Australia with my highly modified 280zx.

Mixed weekend with a 5 sec PB for qualifying. Racing was a bit too serious for my liking over the hill in race 1. Race 2 managed to snap another drive shaft. 
Race 3 from rear of grid was awesome. 
New PB 3 seconds better again. 
2m18.7 man I’m happy!

video is TV coverage of practice708B453B-F206-4E11-A08D-C022025FAD57.png


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That noise was entirely 3rd gear related? Seemed to be happening regardless of gear. I had a similar one on my car, could only hear on decel. Turned out my driveshaft AND CV bolts had loosened. I safety wired the CVs and double nutted the driveshaft and haven't heard it since, but I'm just autocrossing, so not nearly as much chance to hear things like that.

Can you add more hood vents? Under hood air looks like a problem for you. 167 mph on Conrod. Very impressive, and agree with Richard, nice job resisting the lift at the kink! 

In the sim-racing world, it's a toss up for me between Nordschleife and Bathurst for me. My two favorites. Hope to some day get there and drive something, probably a rental Kia around it. Inspiring stuff, thanks for sharing.


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My 3.25 ratio is rarely used, I am actually gonna re-lash the gears this time as I forget tooeach time I use it. 
I have been waiting for some new vents from the USA for 3 months now. They should arrive soon I hope. 
bathurst is a hard track to build confidence at, zero room for error for over half of the track. 
pretty proud of not lifting for the kink too!

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