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3M professional undercoating

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Hi guys,


I have been using a lot of this stuff under the SCCA race car restoration. I have to say, im very happy with it! I get down to bare metal, primer, then put this stuff right on. It goes on THICK, only one coat is needed. it does not chip or peel, even after rough handling of the removed suspension pieces during reassembly. For example, i refinished my mustache bar in enamel spray, and during reinstallation I already have several chips. None with the 3M coated parts. I have not run the car with it yet, so no long term data. However, the reviews online are great. its $12 at Autozone, and is much more convenient than getting a spray nozzle under a car on jacks, or taking the car to a shop to be sprayed. I'm on my third can, and I think I can coat the entire underbody in stages for less than $100. You will need a respirator as it is a tar based product, and it does take some time to cure. In my experience, at least a few hours before it is stable enough to touch but this is highly dependent on your ambient temp and humidity. 



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