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SPDRCR LS1 and 4l60e Build Thread

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Then shenanigans have ensued once again. I’ve had these bad boys chillin in the house for almost a year now. Silvermine. 

Started by removing the old shocks and springs. They came out pretty easy. 



took me a minute to figure out what this hunk of metal was. Vibration damper if you didn’t know 




time to cut some stuff. I tried just cutting through the perch and old shock on the first one. It is way easier to just use a pipe wrench to pop the old shock out first. 



make sure to cut enough down. I originally left extra because it looks like you should fill up the bottom bulge. If you do that, the coil over cannot thread all way down for lowering. 


what a mess. Told you shenanigans afoot




well I intended to keep this project smallish. But look at this bushing! I have a set of prothane bushings. Doesn’t make sense to not do it. 


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Well I saw the condition of all the othe bushings. Just could not convince myself that the spindle bushings weren’t also 40+ years old. 

they are as hard as advertised. I mean wow. Just got one done today. One more to go. Had to make a homemade puller.  Used a pipe and some all thread. The nut stripped so I had to get a coupler which is like the width of two or three nuts. 


I was able to get the spindle bushings out using my ball joint press like this. 



Got new ball joints and tie rods. Man what a hassle. Tie rod would not let go. 



pickle fork wasn’t fat enough. I know, what she said. Had to wedge stuff in there to make it bigger 🤪0F9E5C69-DCF5-4DC5-B568-278EE08C3133.jpeg.979f5b27222abbac69bea4a9d2bfccf7.jpeg5A33DF73-5967-4520-94F4-379BD5253CF8.jpeg.e0626564583fc0c544bc724ac39b9f32.jpeg


got 1 front control arm off. Tried to press the bushing out but it wouldn’t budge so I lit it on fire. Gotta cut the outer shell out with the hacksaw. 

so dirty. A lot of years of grease built up. 




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