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4l60e Automatic Shifter?

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Hey guys. I still need to figure out a shifter solution for my ls1 with 4l60e. Most of the threads I see are pretty old so I wanted to check if anyone has an update. I am looking for a cost effective (cheaper) solution like a stock used shifter. 

im leaning  towards a c6 corvette shifter. I already have the transmission in so I would also like something that can be done from mostly up top. Can I do it without welding?

let me know if you have any good solutions. 


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I used the a/t shifter out of my 240Z.  Pulled it out, removed the transmission actuating arm and swapped it over from the passenger side to the driver's side.  Mechanical connection with a rod threaded to fit the shifter arm and the aftermarket adjustable arm on the transmission.  Perfect fit to the transmission tunnel.


Neutral lockout will be wired (I hope) through GM's plastic lockout switch on the driver's side of the transmission.


Sorry about the general language; but if you can get your hands on a 240/260Z or early Maxima, automatic shifter all will become clear.


I did this because I wanted to preserve some semblance of a stock Z interior.



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