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Manual Pedal Box questions


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Alright so i have an automatic 1978 280z that i wanna convert to manual. However everywhere i look it talks about getting a manual pedal box, my question is do i have to source a manual pedal box or is there even a difference in the automatic and the manual besides the clutch pedal? Also can i just buy a clutch pedal and attach it to the pedal box i already have? And are there any other alternatives to this, for instance if i can find a manual pedal box or attach a clutch pedal, is there any after market ones that’ll work like wilwood or something? Thank you

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I used to think you needed the whole box, but apparently you just need the pedals and maybe the shaft or spacers/washers, etc that make them fit in the box.  I think you need both pedals because the automatic brake pedal is wider than the manual brake pedal.  


There's an old Wheeler Dealer episode where they convert a 240Z to manual transmission.  Worth watching if you can get the episode.  Might be on youtube.  They had to cut out the hole for the shift lever also.  Showed the whole process.


Looks like you can buy it, don't know how that works.  Some of the streaming services have it.



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The latter cars can have just the pedals swapped in. I did that on my late 74 260.  There are a number of different pedal boxes used throughout the years that you will need to match pedals to for correct fitment.  There are a few threads on this site as well as Classiczcars that brake down the changes by year.

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