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82 to 81 rear brake upgrade

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i have a 81 ZX Turbo that has small rear disc brake pads compared to an 82 ZX Turbo. Question- can I just take the calipers off the 82 with the larger pads and just bolt it on my 81? Is there anything else that needs to be done or is this a straight across bolt on up grade? I have an 82 Turbo 2+2 parts car I can use the calipers off of.

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I know the rotors are different, the hat or center of the rotor for the 79-81 is much taller. You would have to change rotors and probably caliper brackets to make to swap. I have considered the same as I prefer the 82-83 caliper but my early brakes work fine so I haven't moved forward with the swap yet.

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