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4l80e low profile pan

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I'm doing an LS3/4l80e swap.  I've got a Camaro oil pan under the engine, and the 4l80e transmission pan sits way lower than the pan, and is the lowest part of the drive train by a fair amount.  My cross member has a ride height of 4", and my transmission oil pan is at 2" from the ground.


Are there any aftermarket pans for the 4l80e that would give me a little more clearance?  Is there anyone out there that has done a swap with a 4l80e that could chime in on how they set up their engine/trans mounts to accommodate

the lower pan?



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I've done an ls/4l80 swap in a 280zx and I didn't have any issues with trans pan clearance. I'm not sure which chassis you are using so it may be different for you. I used a stock pan on mine and with a custom trans mount my pan is above the frame rails. Are your driveline angles looking good? I ask this in case the tail end of your transmission is sitting very low causing both clearance issues and angle issues.


Like Spdrcr said, the 4l80 is tight. I had to do some serious clearance work to get things to fit and my exhaust exits below the engine bay. 

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