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I've heard of a few people have had issues with the upper bushings in the Konis, and I suspect that there are a lot more who have the issues but don't know it. Cameron aka Heavy85 is the one I can poi

I have yet to meet a shitty Dutch performance part vendor. Koni is Dutch as well. If they had a bigger country, maybe they would make cars too 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

I still enjoy bench racing on this forum also. So many things have been covered but technology changes with time and there is a real hardcore group here. I have a bunch of FB pages I comment on but it

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3KGT strut arrived. Here's what I learned. 


1. It's short. Really short. The housing and strut totals about 18" before the studs at either end. The internal portion that would fit into the strut tube is about 3.5" shorter than the Mustang strut tube, which is 13.5" deep. So I'd have to weld the plate that the strut bolts to in the Mustang tube 3.5" from the bottom of the tube. My friend said he could have them shipped to me with the end plates loose, but I think it would be a serious PITA to weld the plates in that far up the tiny tube. Don't think I could even do it with my mig.

2. It has less travel. I'm measuring 4.75 to the bumpstop. I'm told the bumpstop is 2" and that looks about right, as that would put the 40mm part of the inverted strut flush with the case. Travel is about the same as the P30 from the VW, but quite a bit shorter than the Mustang.


3. The OD of the Mitsu strut is about 1.807". The ID of the 240 strut is 1.690" according to an old post by John Coffey. Was hoping I might be able to hone out the strut housing. Ain't happening.

So now the question is do I get the Mustang struts instead and have the top stud cut down, or do I work with the 3KGT strut? Thinking Mustang strut might be easier, but I have had pretty bad luck with machinists generally speaking. It's nearly always late and more expensive than I was quoted, and I generally hate dealing with them. The one pro here is that I could have the top stud turned down to 5/8 and not have to use bushings like I do with the P30.

Suggestions appreciated, although I'm guessing the answer is going to be buying the Mustang parts and machining the studs.

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