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Door Weatherstripping Not Meeting Frame?

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I just finished installing my weatherstripping on my 1977 280z.  The side window frame gasket that installs on top of the door isn't meeting the frame and it's leaking.  It did this before I replaced the weatherstripping, so I thought it would fix the issue, but there's still a slight gap.  The passenger side seems fine, it's just the driver side that's the issue.  It's installed in the correct orientation.  It meets the frame fine at the windshield and towards the back, but pulls away in the middle.


I checked the door and the body lines seem fine, so I don't think the door is out of alignment.  I also took a few bolts out of the door where the top of the window frame bolts to the door and doesn't appear there's any adjustment there.  I've linked a video below.  Any tips?



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I watched your video and I have to apologize, but I really couldn't see the problem area that you're describing.  Sorry.  Maybe post another video with some narration, and physically point (with your finger) to the area that's not sealing?


If the rubber is cold, try heating it (to soften it) and then "coax" it into the shape necessary for a good seal.  New rubber has to "learn" the desired shape, and that sometimes takes a little time.  Also, IIRC, you can loosen the mounting bolts for the chrome frame to slightly adjust it in/out/up/down.  I seem to recall having to do this with some of my Zs in the past. 


There's also a technique using tie-down straps to pull the doors together when installing new weatherstripping...helps the new rubber get seated more quickly.

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Glad to hear that it's improving. 


I forgot to ask if the doors are closing securely, with the new weatherstripping installed.  Sometimes the door latches will need to be adjusted (either tighter or looser) to get a nice tight seal after making any changes to the weatherstripping.  Adjusting the latches is a simple process....just takes a little patience, and playing with it little by little to get 'just' the right tension on the weatherstripping when the door is closed and latched.

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I used the weatherstripping that came in the kit from Z Car Depot.




Reviewing that link, I think we are talking about two different weather stripping.  I'm talking about the side window frame gasket that goes on top of the door, not the door seal that goes on the body.

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As I remember everyone back in the day carried a towel in the car for the carwash or rain storms.  Nice to see you could tweak it out.


2 hours ago, fusion said:

What weatherstripping are you using?  Is the Kia Sportage weatherstrip still a good option?


Yes, the Kia door seal is a good option, I have them on both doors and the rear hatch and they work perfectly.

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I wanted to second the recommendation for the KIA Sportage door weatherstrip....


I initially got the weatherstrip from Vintage Rubber.  It fits fine, but is quite stiff and it is a &^%$#*&^ to get the door shut.  


The KIA part is much softer and more pliable.  It results in a quite tolerable door shut effort even when brand new, and I'm sure it will soften even more over time.


On sort of a tangent, it is really an eye opener how cheesy and poorly engineered things like weather stripping, seals, and trim pieces were 50 years ago as compared to modern cars.

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Witchboard,  If your door adjustment is not the problem, you can try this procedure.   The 240Z window door glass frames are rather flimsy.   So you might need to bend

the top door edge more inward.   You accomplish this by:   Open the door and stick a 2 x 4 between the lower edge of the door and rocker panel.  Now just push the top edge

of frame inward.   By moving the window frame inward, it will decrease the window gap and hopefully stop the water leakage.   Push easily at first and harder if necessary.

Also, check the driver's door for sagging.   The upper door hinge pin wears and creates play.


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