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Extra wide marugen rear flares

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Is anyone running the extra wide marugen shoukai rear flares?  https://www.rhdjapan.com/marugen-shoukai-rear-extra-wide-over-fenders-s30-s31.html


Would really like to see pics and hear comments.


From my research, it appears that 275s are the biggest tire that can fit under the standard size ZG flares, is that correct?  Anyone know the max size under the extra wide flares?



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Axles won't matter as long as the spindles are the same. The coilovers definitely help with clearance, though. You can get that done as cheaply as this. https://groundcontrolstore.com/collections/s30-coilover-conversion 

Obviously it's more money to spend, but if you're going for a particular look it might be worth it to you. You also get the ability to dial in an exact ride height and a custom spring rate. I still haven't answered your original question, but more food for thought.

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33 minutes ago, fusion said:

The custom length axles and transverse link allowed the spindle to move inboard, thus giving more clearance.  Unless I misunderstood what that guy did.


Ah, I hadn't noticed that further down in the thread. I thought you were talking about his original custom CV axles. Sorry about that. 

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